Verdanta OFE

Verdanta® OFE

Water-soluble liquid, foliar iron fertilizer with seaweed extract: 3-0-0 + 3% Iron

Chelated iron foliar spray derived from both organic and mineral sources. Contains urea to help move iron into plant leaf tissue and contributes to greening up leaves.

Registered for use in: USA except ND, NV, SD
Available Sizes: 1 gal, 2.5 gal and 30 gal

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Benefits & Features

  • Water soluble liquid, foliar iron fertilizer with seaweed extract
  • Contains 3% seaweed extract, which produces better greening and growth of all plants
  • Provides foliar iron and improves greening up of leaves without residue or burning
  • Easy to apply with no residue to reduce risk of leaf injury
  • Corrects foliar chlorosis caused by soil pH or heat-induced issues

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