Verdanta GM-2

Verdanta® GM-2

Homogeneous, Granular, Compound Organic Based Fertilizer: 7-6-12 + 2.3% Magnesium

A general purpose mixture of organic and non-organic nutrient sources

Registered for use in: USA except ND, NV, SD
Available Sizes: 40 lb bags, packed 60 bags/pallet (2400 lb/pallet)

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Benefits & Features

  • General purpose mixture of organic and mineral nutrient
  • Excellent for many crops in field or potting mixes including herbs, vegetables, annuals, and perennials
  • Provides nutrients for up to 100 days of 60o F
  • Slow release that doesn’t add the risk of a temperature-dependent coating when temperatures spike
  • Uniform in composition, ensuring every granule contains the same N, P, K and Mg.

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