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At BioWorks, we believe that how you grow is just as important as what you grow. That’s why we are passionate about bringing growers environmentally responsible solutions for controlling insects and plant diseases. Our innovative family of products combines the environmental responsibility that you strive for with the cost-effectiveness and efficacy that you depend on.

The World is Growing in a New Direction

What distinguishes the BioWorks family of products is the emphasis we place on safety, sustainability and performance. With effective resistance management tools, BioWorks gives growers the resources they need to make “growing green” easier than ever. Our unique approach helps you uphold the strictest environmental standards through every stage of plant development.

Responsible For your Bottom Line

BioWorks ProductsNot only are our products responsible for the environment, they are also responsible for your bottom line. Every BioWorks product has proven to be a cost-effective alternative/addition to a traditional chemical program. With reduced crop loss and an added level of control, you will save valuable labor, time and money.

Innovative Solutions. Proven Results.

BioWorks is revolutionizing the way growers think. Join the ever increasing number of growers who know they can grow responsibly without sacrificing revenue or quality. Through intense research and over sixteen years of successful use in crop production and greenhouse environments, BioWorks has proven that responsibility and effectiveness can coexist.

Ensure the quality and integrity of the crops your customers enjoy – incorporate the BioWorks family of products into your pest and disease management program today!

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